Section 1 This organization shall be known as the Boundary Oak Women’s Golf Club, and shall be a non-profit organization.
Section 2 The purpose of this club is to organize, direct and carry out golf tournaments and competitive play on the Boundary Oak Golf Course and to enable participation by it’s members in the activities of other golf associations.
Section 1 This club shall be governed and managed by the Executive Board and Executive Committee. The Board shall constitute the ruling and government power of the Club for all purposes, and shall perform such duties as are hereunder provided.
Section 2 The Executive Board shall consist of officers to be elected by the Membership. The Officers shall be as follows:
1. Captain 2. Co-Captain 3. Secretary 4. Treasurer 5. Tournament chairpersons.
Section 3 The Board shall consist of and be known as the Executive Board and Executive Committee Chairpersons. The Executive Board shall have the power of the Board between meetings of the Board. All such actions shall be recorded in the minutes of the following Board meeting.
Section 4 The duties of the Executive Board shall be as follows:

CAPTAIN – The Captain shall be chief executive and administrative officer of the Club. She shall appoint all Committee Chairpersons. She shall preside at all meetings of the Club and have general supervision over the affairs of the Club. She shall be a member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee. She shall meet with the Tournament Chairpersons to plan a yearly schedule. She shall assist the PWGA Representative for all association activities held in Walnut Creek, if needed. She shall present a yearly report at the Annual Meeting.

CO-CAPTAIN – The Co-Captain shall assist the Captain and assume the duties of the Captain in her absence and, in the following year, will become Captain. Co-captain will also succeed to the position of Captain if a vacancy should occur and complete their term.

SECRETARY – The Secretary shall keep and post an accurate record of all meetings of the Club; have charge of all correspondence; send out all notices; keep a current record of names and addresses of all members of the Club; and keep the Standing Rules and By-Laws up to date.

TREASURER – The Treasurer shall be responsible for all the funds of the Club and make a report of receipts and disbursements at all meetings. She shall keep a record of all dues and fees paid by each Member and prepare and present a proposed budget within thirty days following the new term of office.

TOURNAMENT Chairpersons – The Tournament Chairpersons shall be responsible for the scheduling and conducting of all tournaments, except the Invitational and Guest Days. They shall be assisted by the Handicap Chairperson and Rules Chairperson and shall be automatic members of the Rules Committee.

Section 5 The Captain shall appoint Committee Chairpersons and they shall become part of the Board. The responsibilities of the Chairpersons are defined in the Standing Rules.
Section 1 (a) Membership in the club shall be limited to a number set by the Boundary Oak Women’s Club Executive Board. Applications for membership shall be submitted in writing. A prospective member must have a USGA Handicap Index of 36.9 or less, or a USGA Boundary Oak Handicap of 40 or less for the red tees. Membership is limited to women 18 years of age or older.
(b) ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIPS are available for handicapping purposes only. Associate Members may follow the field but they are not eligible for any tournament play. An Associate Member may not be a member of the Executive Board.
Section 2 (a) To retain membership in the Boundary Oak Women’s Golf Club, the Club requires a member to participate in at least ten (10) scheduled play days during the club year from October 1 to September 30, and attend at least one General Meeting per year.
(b) Eligibility for participation in MAJOR TOURNAMENTS shall be governed by the General Tournament Rules.
Section 3 A member may, by unanimous vote of the Executive Board, be suspended from the Club for failure to conduct herself in an honorable manner, or for conduct detrimental to the interest of the Club.
Section 4 A leave of absence of one (1) year may be offered to a member in good standing on approval of the Executive Board. Extensions may be granted by the Board.
Section 5 The club’s fiscal year shall be January 1 through December 31.
Section 6 (a) Annual Membership dues shall be an amount determined by the Executive Board.
(b) Associate members and leave of absence members shall pay one-half the dues paid by active members plus the same computer fees and PWGA dues paid by active members.
(c) Annual fees and dues for the ensuing fiscal year shall be due and payable on or before September 1 and become delinquent September 16. Members who are delinquent must pay a penalty to be determined by the Executive Board in addition to the annual dues to become reinstated.
(d) Assessments, as recommended by the Executive Board, may be made for Club requirements.
(e) New Members shall pay an initiation fee, annual membership dues, PWGA dues and any special assessments in effect for that year, in advance for a one-year period. New members joining after July 1 shall pay a initiation fee, one-half of the membership dues and full PWGA dues.
Section 7 (a) The monies collected for membership dues shall be used as approved by the Executive Board.
(b) The membership dues and fees for the Captain shall be paid from the treasury as part of the benefits of the office.
(c) Non-budgeted items exceeding $250 require Executive Board approval.
Section 1 A General Meeting shall be held in late Summer to elect a Nominating Committee of five members. Nominations shall be made from the floor. Those elected shall meet immediately following the meeting to appoint a chairperson and arrange times for future meetings. Any member of the Nominating Committee named for an elective office should absent herself during discussion of her merits. Two weeks prior to election the chairperson of the Nominating Committee shall post on the bulletin board the slate of names.
Sectin 2 Election of the Executive Board officers shall be at a General Meeting to be held in the Fall, at which time the Chairperson of the Nominating committee shall present one name for each office. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. Elections shall occur at this meeting.
Section 3 The Executive Board shall be elected to serve one (1) year. The term of office shall be January 1 through December 31. If a vacancy occurs, it shall be filled by a majority vote of the Executive Board.
Section 1 The Executive Board shall meet at the discretion of the Captain. Not less than five (5) members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum. Special meetings may be called by the Captain, the Executive Board, or on petition of a majority of the Membership.
Section 2 The Club shall have at least three (3) General Membership meetings annually, a quorum for which shall be 25 percent (%) of Membership.

The three mandated General Membership meetings are to approve the budget, elect the Nominating committee, and to elect the Executive Board.

Section 1 These By-Laws may be altered or amended at any Membership meeting of the Club by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting, provided there is a quorum present and that notice of proposed change has been given the members fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting.
REVISION MAY 25, 2000: Article III Board of Directors, Section 5.
REVISION MAY 17, 2001: Article II Membership and dues, Section 1(a)
REVISION FEBRUARY 21, 2002: Article II Membership and dues, Section 2 (a) and Section 7 (c)
REVISION SEPTEMBER 29, 2005: Article II, Membership and Dues, Section 1 (a)
REVISION MAY 31, 2007: Article II, Membership and Dues, Section 1 (a)
REVISION MAY 2009: Article III Board of Directors, Section 5. remove Homecoming an Couples Chairpersons
Proposed REVISION JAN 2012: Article II Membership and dues, Section 1 (b) change definition of Associate Memberships, Section 7 (c) modify to include any Chairperson, added (d). Article III Board of Directors, Section 3 defining Board of Director and Executive Board, Section 5 Moved definitions of Committee Chairpersons to the Standing Rules, Section 6 deleted WCGAC. Article IV Nominations and Elections Section 2 Board name consistency Section 3 extending a term. Article V Meeting Section 2 reduced General Meetings and redefined purpose.
REVISION OCTOBER 9, 2014: Article III. Board of Directors, Section 2 and Section (2) Co-Captain will no longer be chairperson of the Club’s Invitational thus increasing the number of tournament chairpersons to three. (4) The position of Co-Captain will no longer Chair the Invitational.
REVISION MAY 2016: General updating of the By-Laws and Standing Rules to be Consistent with Club operations, membership and terminology within the Club.