Club Standing Rules


These rules are subject to review and change yearly by a new Executive Board.

  1. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of all meetings when not inconsistent with the By-laws of this club.
  2. Play day shall be Thursday unless rained out or changed by the club because of holidays or special tournaments.
  3. The official benevolent projects of this club are:    The First Tee of Contra Costa and LPGA – USGA Girls Golf of Walnut Creek.
  4. Appreciation gifts may be presented to anyone deemed to have given special services to our club during the year.
  5. All past members may be invited to the Annual Holiday Party.


  1. USGA Rules shall govern all play, except as modified by local rules.
  2. The Tournament Committee shall determine and post whether play will be under Summer or Winter Rules.
  3. To be eligible for starting time and play in all tournaments, a player must:
    1. A. Participate in the sweepstakes. No refunds will be given on sweeps once play starts.
    2. B. Sign in on sheet provided.
    3. C. Play with a Club member.
    4. D. Be an active member in good standing.
  4. Players should sign in twenty minutes before starting time. Late arrival may jeopardize one’s starting time as foursomes must be filled. If you cancel, please call the Pro Shop as early as possible.
  5. The Tournament Committee will advise the number of cards needed for the given play day. Each player shall be responsible for the correctness of the score for each hole. If cards are different, the player who signed as Scorer and submitted an incorrect score card shall be disqualified. A player who fails to sign all the cards shall also be disqualified. The Committee is responsible for the addition of scores and application of handicap.
  6. Entry fee for weekly sweepstakes tournaments is to be determined by the Tournament Committee. Additional fees may be collected for special events. Follow the field players must pay sweeps.
  7. When a play day is cancelled due to rain, same tee times may be carried over to the next play day depending on the tournament schedule. When play is interrupted by rain, etc., the Tournament Committee may postpone, cancel or determine length of stipulated rounds of tournament at their discretion and must so advise all players.
  8. Invitational Rules: All guests must have a valid 9- or 18-hole handicap, or a temporary local handicap with the approval of the Invitational Chairperson and calculated by USGA rules. Each foursome should have at least I guest. Invitational Chairperson can make exceptions to the number of guests required to fill the field.
  9. Guest Day Rules: All guests must have a valid 9- or 18-hole handicap, or a temporary local handicap as calculated by USGA rules and approval of the Guest Day Chairperson. Each foursome is encouraged to have at least one guest.
  10. Casual Guest Days: Open to all members and non-members alike. No handicap or sweeps is required- Each foursome may determine the game of their choice.
  11. Rules of all tournaments and the method of breaking ties shall be in accordance with the USGA recommendations and shall be posted before the start of play for the major tournaments.
  12. The maximum playing handicap used for weekly tournaments is forty (40), including Guest Days, major tournaments and special tournaments, except for the Invitational, when the maximum handicap allowed shall be 36.
  13. To remedy slow play, all members of a foursome may be penalized two strokes each if they finish more than 20 minutes after the foursome in front of them and their round exceeds 5 hours. At least one score card must include their finish time.
  14. Major tournaments are defined as Club Championship and Captain’s Cup, and players participating in these tournaments must post their score as a “T” tournament.
  15. In order to participate in the Captain’s Cup and/or Club Championship, one must have played 10 play days in the six months immediately prior to the tournament. Participation in Bay Area Team Play qualifies as a play day. A written waiver may be granted at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.
  16. Electronic Devices: The Distance only feature may be used on play days and in tournaments.
  17. Cellular phones must be in silent/vibrate mode during play. If a member’s phone rings out loud during play she may be penalized two strokes.


  1. Most Improved Golfer of the Year- To be eligible for this award a player must be a member for the entire year and meet the 10 game requirement. January 1 index to November l5 index will be used to determine the winner.
  2. “FROG” Free Round of Golf – From January to October one round of golf with cart will be awarded to the player who has the lowest average net score for a minimum of 2 play days in a given month. For members with more than 2 games in a month, the average will be determined by their two (2) best rounds. Only games with scores that can be posted are eligible for FROG competition. Ties will be broken by using the best net score for the month. If still tied, then the last nine holes, the last six holes, the last three holes and finally the l8th hole will be used to break the tie. If such a method is used, one-half, one-third, one-sixth, etc. of the handicap will be deducted.
  3. Eclectic Tournament – On tournament days players keep a second scorecard for the eclectic tournament. At the end of the year, awards shall be made in flights and handicaps used which shall be an average of those play days scheduled.
  4. Partnership-Eclectic Tournaments – Partners must play to a ten-stroke difference in handicaps. Higher handicaps must reduce their handicap to a maximum of ten strokes of the lower handicap.
  5. Birdie/Chip in Book – Players shall record “birdies, chip-ins or eagles” in the book provided. At the end of the year, an award of equal value will be given for each birdie and chip in. Eagles will be given double the value of a birdie.
  6. Uncollected Winnings- Any winnings unclaimed after 6 months will be deposited to the Club’s bank account.


HANDICAP Chairperson – She shall be responsible for all aspects of handicapping, posting handicaps of all members, and administering all rules set forth in the USGA Handicap System.

SOCIAL Chairperson – She shall be responsible for the Holiday lunch. She shall also arrange for refreshments or whatever may be necessary for special events, general meetings and any scheduled tournament play which could be a social event. The Social Chair does not chair the Invitational. She shall keep records of funds provided and expended.

RULES Chairperson – She shall interpret and clarify rules according to USGA Rules of Golf, present special rules for major tournaments, and develop and interpret LOCAL rules.

MEMBERSHIP Chairperson – She shall be responsible for handling all applications in accordance with the rules for membership. She shall present new Members with a copy of the By-Laws, Standing Rules, Year Book, and current USGA Rule Book. She shall collect all dues. She shall notify Board Members and appropriate Committee Chairs of any changes in the membership that may occur during the year. She shall keep PWGA and Club databases up to date.

INVITATIONAL Chairperson – She shall be responsible for planning, signing necessary contracts, and running the Club’s Invitational.

GUEST DAY Chairperson – She shall be responsible for planning and running the Guest Day.

COMMUNICATIONS Chairpersons – Chairpersons shall have charge of Club communications. Communications shall include both E-News and the Newsletter.

PHOTOGRAPHER – The photographer shall be responsible photographing the members and maintaining a scrapbook to include photos, newspaper articles, etc.

YEAR BOOK Chairperson – She shall be responsible for publication of the Year Book.

PWGA REPRESENTATIVE – She shall represent Boundary Oak Women’s Golf Club at Pacific Women Golfers’ Association meetings, collect PWGA Tournament fees, post all correspondence from PWGA, and mail in tournament entries for all area PWGA tournaments.

ECLECTIC Chairperson – She shall be responsible for running the Eclectic tournaments for the year.

BIRDIE /CHIP IN BOOK Chairperson – She shall keep an account of the members’ birdies, eagles and chip-ins and be responsible for the awards.

TELEPHONE/SUNSHINE Chairperson – She shall contact the membership when necessary. She shall acknowledge deaths, serious illness and like matters on behalf of the Club with cards or phone calls when members are affected. She will inform the Membership of such events.

ADVISOR – The advisor is the immediate past Captain.

TROPHY Chairperson – She shall be responsible for purchase and engraving of trophies and awards requested by the Tournament Committee, with budget expenditures as approved.


  1. Membership and dues requirements are outlined in the By-Laws of the Boundary Oak Women’s Golf Club.