Golf Etiquette & Pace of Play

No talking on cell phone from the beginning to the end of the round. Phones must be on vibrate mode or off. Failure to comply is a 2 stroke penalty. No talking or movement while players are hitting

Players should sign in at the table at least 20 minutes before starting time.

If you must cancel, please call the Pro Shop (925) 934-4775 ext 10.

Place an identifying mark on your ball and inform other players about the type of ball played


  1. balls
  2. tees
  3. water
  4. sunscreen
  5. scorecard & pencil
  6. ball marker
  7. phone on silent
  8. hat & sunglasses
Discuss desired methods to improve “Pace of Play” with your foursome:

  • Decide who tees off first on the first tee and after that;
    lowest score on previous hole or
    players that are walking
  • When to take out the flag
  • Ready Golf – Hit out of turn
  • First group to hole out moves to the next tee
Tee Box
Bring 2 balls to the tee box in case a provisional is needed Wait outside the tee box until the prior player has exited Spot everyones ball to reduce searching time for the group
A player has 3 minutes to find a ball upon arriving at the general area where the ball was spotted. If not found within 3 minutes, the ball is lost.

To save time, plan your next shot while observing the scene on approach instead of when you get to the ball. Look at distance markers, lie, elevation, etc.

Practice good golf cart management. Drop your cartmate off at their ball and then drive to yours.

Don’t wait in the cart while your cartmate hits.
Get out and walk to your ball with a few clubs.

To save time, take multiple clubs to your ball instead of having to walk back to the cart. Be prepared for your turn. Be at your ball with your clubs. As soon as the you hear the other player hit, begin your pre-shot routine. Keep the pre-shot routine to less than 45 seconds from the time you pull your club until you hit the ball. Take no more than 2 practice swings.
Don’t take your eyes off your ball. Spot your ball all the way to the end of the roll. Stay within one stroke of the group in front to avoid being “out of position”. Replace divots or repair with sand/seed mixture from cart. See video below.
Avoid walking into the bunker from the high side. This can damage the bunker. Instead, walk in on the low side. Before hitting, bring the rake with you to your ball. After you hit, rake as you walk out of the bunker. After raking, leave the rake OUTSIDE the bunker on the edge parallel to play.
Drive the cart to the side or back of the green, whichever is closest to the next tee box, so your group can quickly move to the next tee after putting out. Place clubs between you and the cart so they are not forgotten. Place ball marker behind the ball and “span” when asked.
See video below.
Repair pitch marks.
See video below.
Don’t walk or cast a shadow on another player’s putting line.
If players want the flagstick out, the player whose ball is closest to the hole removes the flagstick and places it on the outer edge of the green. Do not stand behind a player while they are putting.

Do not stand directly behind the hole while a player is putting.

First to hole out replaces the flagstick unless the foursome has agreed . . .

the first two to hole out move on to the next tee.

Fill out scorecards after leaving the green.

Repair Fairway Divots Repair Pitch Marks Mark Your Ball on the Green
After the Round
Calculate the score for Front 9, Back 9 and 18-Hole Total. Include Handicap for each player and Net Score. All scorecards in the group must match. Hand in at least 3 scorecards to the Scorekeepers with $3 sweeps fee for each player. Post your score at